Course summary

Want to save two hours a day? You could by doubling your reading speed, and still not miss a thing.

Do you often lose concentration and forget what you have read? If so, you could learn how to focus better and remember more.

There has never been so much information at our fingertips as there is now. Yet are you trained to use it?

You are still probably reading based on what you were taught as a child. To make matters worse, you have probably developed bad habits which make your reading skills possibly the least efficient of all your personal skills – yet at which you spend the most time! But you could improve dramatically.

Most people are likely to see an improvement of going from reading approximately 200 words per minute, to reading 500-700 words per minute by the end of the course.

  • Understand the mechanics of Speed Reading
  • Identify and eliminate bad reading habits
  • Learn and apply effective reading techniques
  • Manage the information acquired through reading
  • Increase their efficiency and productivity

Course outline Improving the mechanics of reading

Introduction – The basics of reading

  • Course and individual objectives
  • Tests to measure delegates’ current reading performance
  • The eye and its movements
  • Types of reading speed

Current reading problems and how to overcome them:

  • Current reading habits; how and why they cause problems
  • Controlling regressions (re-reading words, sentences and paragraphs)
  • “Chunking” – reading in groups of words
  • Controlling sub-vocalisation – the internal voice
  • Are you a left-brain or right-brain reader?

Improving concentration, comprehension, retention

How to improve concentration:

  • Causes of poor concentration – “just what was all that about?”
  • Practical ways to concentrate better for longer
  • Reading on-screen/off-screen – how concentration can be affected
Date, Venue & Fees

Date : TBC
Time:3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Fees: RM50
Venue: Successedge, 27-2, Jalan Desa, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +60 3-7981 4837 / +60 19-669 3497
Make Payment to Success Edge at May bank a/c no. 514440110078

How to improve comprehension:

  • Effective previewing and skimming techniques
  • Peripheral reading
  • Key purposes for reading, and how they should affect the pace of reading
  • Varying the pace to get the comprehension you require

How to Mind Map:

  • Learn the basic technique of how to construct Mind Maps.
  • Practice your Mind Mapping Skills – with a range of note-making, note-taking and learning applications.
  • Mind Mapping to manage information

How to remember more:

  • Never forget important information again.
  • Easily remember names and faces; facts and figures; processes, etc.
  • Transferring important information to your long term memory

Final assessments and applications:

  • Final assessments, comprehension and memory tests
  • Application of skills to enhance productivity

Reading performance is measured throughout so as to ensure maximum comprehension at most efficient reading speeds.

Who is this course for?

The course is for anybody who has a lot of reading to do, in any profession or type of job, or whose leisure reading often takes them too long. If you are student with a huge work-load, if you do research and have to read densely written documents, if you have to keep yourself up-to-date in a fast moving industry, this course is for you.

If you have to read tedious minutes of meetings, if you are in local government, the civil service, this course will help you. If you need to influence others, the more briefed and knowledgeable you are, the more likely you are to achieve that influence.

Success Edge works with people from all sectors including the public sector, voluntary sector, corporate sector and private sector.

Learning outcomes

  • Permanently double, perhaps even treble your reading speed
  • Improve your retention of what is read
  • Save up to 2 hours per day while becoming more informed
  • Push your brain to pick up information faster and thus work more effectively

What others are saying about this course…

“I attended one such training by INTAN last year and frankly, it was so boring and ineffective. Your training is totally different. I’m going to implement the techniques which will surely help me in my work” Ir. Hj Mas Abdul Rahman bin Mas Mohammad, Deputy Director- JKR, Terengganu. Tel: 012-7296847 email:

“I’ve enjoyed myself and gained tremendously from this course. I’m impressed that now, I can read faster at 500 words per minute and remember better.” Ter Chi Chin, Executive, Debt Capital Market, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad. Tel: 016-9752759 email:

“Our staff found the speed reading workshop very useful and relevant for their work.” Mohd Asynor Bin Junaidi, Unit Kompetensi & Pembangunan Sumber Manusia, Perbendaharaan Malaysia. Tel: 03-8882 4685/017-6956587 email:



Think Buzan Licensed Instructor, PSMB Certified Trainer & Certified NLP Practitioner

Jeyaraman Seenivasagam has been a professional trainer for the last 20 years and his area of expertise is in Creative Thinking, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Presentation & Communication skills, Memory and Train the Trainer. Jeyaraman has a versatile background having served in insurance, sales & marketing, teaching, and training and development over 17 years with both local and multinational organisations. He has trained and spoken to m0re than 58,500 people in 8 countries, namely, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Brunei, Cambodia and Maldives. He is highly passionate about human potential and believes that anyone can achieve ‘Peak Performance’ with the right attitude, guidance and knowledge. He strongly believes that every individual is capable of maximizing his or her own potentials and talent to achieve excellence and they should continuously pursue the creative discovery of their abilities.


He is passionate in the area of mental skills and would like to see more people exposed to such skills that can help them bring out their hidden potential. He has had experiences in the teaching and marketing area from the time he started his career in many different facets from insurance to food manufacturing. He has taught more than 58,500 participants skills like low profile selling, mind mapping, creative thinking and problem solving, memory and also speed reading. Jeyaraman utilizes hands-on exercises, role plays and humour to enhance learning that actually stick.

Some of the organizations that have benefitted from Jeya’s expertise are Petronas, Bank Negara Malaysia, Shell Sarawak, Sarawak Energy, Sapura Kencana, Universiti Malaya, United Overseas Bank, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Accountatnts, Institute of Engingeers Malaylsia, Phillips, Siemens, La Farge, International Construction Consortium (Sri Lanka), Aptech Computers (India), Speakout International (Singapore), Mitsui Sumitomo, Askap Gold (Cambodia), Male Airport Authority (Maldives), Overseas Assurance Corporation, Great Eastern Life, Honda Malaysia, Multimedia University (Malacca), National Science Centre, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, Malaysian Employers’ Federation and Malaysian Airlines.

As a speaker he has won several speech and humor competitions including the first South East Asian “Articulate Speech contest”. He uses a hands-on approach in his presentation with lots of examples, anecdotes and real life applications. This enables participants to immediately apply the techniques to improve their efficiency in their work and personal lives.