Speed Reading & Mind Power

Do you..

Want to read anything and everything faster?

Want to quickly master speed reading techniques?

Feel overwhelmed by the amount of info you have to read for work or school?

Want to better understand and remember the books and articles you read every day?

Now you can..

READ Faster




What you can gain from the Speed Reading & Mind Power course:

♦ Less stress

♦ Higher self-esteem

♦ Great memory tools

♦ Better grades in classes

♦ The skills grow over time

♦ Faster reading with fewer errors

♦ High Comprehension and Recall

♦ Boring reading becomes tolerable

♦ More time for work related projects and responsibilities

♦ Eliminates having to read lines over and over to get the meaning

♦ Overcomes Distracted Reader Syndrome (drifting off, having poor recall)

Most people are reading at approximately 20 to 30% of their full potential. They read with no plan, no organisation, and skills which have not been upgraded since year six of their schooling. People who read for a living (solicitors, researchers, editors) can approach 40 to 50% of their potential (especially when reading in their own field).

The Speed Reading Programme has been designed to break old habits of poor focus, poor comprehension and skill sets which do not meet the needs of today’s readers. Beyond that, the techniques used are practical and powerful. Any graduate of the programme knows that all one has to do is practice the techniques and comprehension, recall and speed will increase.

Who would benefit

Executives from any industry and from all levels, business professionals (Managers, Engineers, Personal Assistants), College Students.


  1. Fundamentals of Speed Reading
        • Overview of the concept and practices of Speed Reading
  2. Find out how you read
        • Identifying the reading speed of individual participants.
        • Getting participants to peg their reading speed and improving it
  3. Understand mind’s perception
        • How the brain and the mind perceives and processes information
        • The relevance of mind’s perception to speed reading – a practical
  4. Eye Exercise 
        • A practice to help improve the peripheral vision of the eye to capture
          more information
  5. Use “finger/pointer” technique of speed reading
        • Practice on a technique of speed reading with materials
  6. Improve vocabulary to become a better reader
        • Exploring how your acquire new vocabulary words
  7. Use SQ3R for greater comprehension and retention
  • Using mind maps
        • Transferring important information to your long term memory

In-house Training

Please contact us to if you would like this program for your company and also to know about our other training programs which can be tailored to your needs.

We are flexible in the way we deliver our programme, to ensure that your people get the most out of it without too much disruption to workloads.


THE TRAINER – Jeyaraman Seenivasagam MSP, M.Ed

A true enthusiast of memory systems, Jeyaraman has spent the last fourteen years travelling around the region, namely Singapore, India and Sri Lanka entertaining and training corporations, students and associations to adapt memory systems for their particular needs.  He has trained more than 26, 000 people ranging from students to top management on memory skills, public speaking, creative thinking, speed reading, communication skills and sales.

He has shared his ways of speed reading and mind power locally and overseas at Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, Honda Malaysia, FMM, Jaycees, National Science Centre, UPM and UM, La Farge, International Construction Consortium (Sri Lanka), Speakout International (Singapore), Aptech Computers (India) and many more.

Jeya has earned the coveted title of Malaysian Speaking Professional from the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers and Masters in Education from the University of Rockhampton (US) specializing in Training and Development.  He has also passed PSMB’s Train the Trainer program.