Speed Reading

Our speed reading course will give you the essential speed reading techniques which will help you learn to read faster. This course is suitable for anybody who has a reading tray that is never empty.

Not only will you read faster, your retention levels will also increase. You won’t have a need to reread information. Improving your reading speed will stop your mind from wandering and help you remain focused.

These speed reading techniques are learnt through mind mapping and restructuring your comprehension for easy recall. The main outcomes of our speed reading courses are more confidence and more abilities to read information faster. Reading faster will help you to keep up to date with market information.

Speed Reading Course Outcomes

  • Learn the five proven speed reading techniques
  • Learn how to retain information for longer periods
  • Improve reading speed with confidence

Apply these faster reading tactics to your work documents. You will notice yourself improving reading speed by 2-4 times.

Reading faster is simply a skill.

Download the speed reading course outline and submit your training request online.

Action plan

  1. Create greater productivity related to reading, learning and analysis
  2. Keep abreast with critical reading relevant to core work activities.
  3. Keep up to date with correspondence (including email) from multiple stakeholders.
  4. Stop the mind from wandering and remain focused when reading
  5. Structure your understanding and be able to recall anytime

Key learning outcomes

Your Speed Reading program will give participants the skills to:

  • Improve their current reading speed by 2-4 times.
  • Improve concentration when reading work related material.
  • Develop mind mapping skills to assist with clarity of understanding.
  • Increase comprehension levels so that the information is retained.
  • Improve memory and recall by applying the technical reading strategy.
  • Save time by being able to assess the relevance of material prior to committing to a full read.
  • Read and research information on the internet faster.
  • Get on top of projects by accumulating information faster.

Course details

  • For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an in-house program.
  • Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your business premises. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.
  • Duration: This program can be conducted as a one day or two days program.
  • Target Audience: Employees, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Senior Managers or CEO’s

A true enthusiast of memory systems, Jeyaraman has spent the last eight years traveling around the region, namely Singapore India and Sri Lanka entertaining and training corporations, students and associations to adapt memory systems for their particular needs.  He has trained more than 20, 000 people ranging from students to top management on memory skills, public speaking, creative thinking, study skills, communication skills and sales.

He discovered his first memory technique when he was a tutor. Encouraged by praise from his friends, he began to find memory techniques could have a valuable role in other aspects of his life.  With a little ingenuity, he adapted the ‘memory trick’ to help his students with their work at school. The reward was a significant rise for many of them in their grades with little extra effort.

After he has taught the memory systems to his own students, with highly acclaimed results, there was a phenomenal demand for him to teach his systems to other schools and organizations.

Ever since then, he has shared his ways of developing a trained memory locally and overseas at YMCA, FMM, Jaycees, National Science Centre, UPM and UM, La Farge, International Construction Consortium (Sri Lanka), Speakout International (Singapore), Aptech Computers (India) and many more.

Jeya has served as Vice President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers and.  He has earned the Competent Toastmaster award from Toastmasters International where has been a member since 1990 and served on the committee on many terms. 

As a speaker he has won several speech and humor competitions including the first South East Asian “Articulate Speech contest”.  He uses a hands-on approach in his presentation with lots of examples, anecdotes and real life applications.  This enables participants to immediately apply the techniques to improve their efficiency in their work and personal lives.

He gives his topics a fresh perspective with humor keeping his audience awake and attentive.  Jeya’s audiences are of diverse creed, color and age groups and he invites you to share this possibility.

Jeya has earned the coveted title of Malaysian Speaking Professional from the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers and Masters in Education from the University of Rockhampton (US) specializing in Training and Development.  He has also passed PSMB’s Train the Trainer program.