Welcome to your Website Checklist

1.Our website collects names and emails of my website visitors.  
2.Website visitors can get useful and free information at our website in the form of helpful tips, articles or videos.
3.Our website educates prospects clearly on the benefits and advantages of doing business with us.
4.Our website convinces and motivates website visitors to contact us via phone or email.
5.Web visitors know whom they’ll be speaking to when they call us.
6.Our website tells a genuine story of what makes us unique.
7.Our website is mobile-friendly, meaning we can view our website clearly without needing to pinch or zoom on our smartphones.
8.Our Homepage instantly calls out the problems that our prospects are facing and explains how we can help them.
9.Our website’s back-end system is updated every 3 months once.
10.Our website offers free and useful information that help prospects learn more about our products and services such as articles, blog posts, videos or reports.
11.We know how our website is doing on a monthly basis because we have access to the numbers in Google Analytics.
12.Our website offers at least 5 testimonials/case studies/product reviews.
13.Our website was last updated with new information (text or photos) a month ago.
14.Our Contact page has our full address, phone number, live GoogleMap and contact form.
15.Our website has social share buttons so that web visitors can easily share our good stuff on social media.
16.Our website visitors can get something for free at our website (free report, free demo or free session).
17.Our website uses clear and sharp photos of our team members and premises.
18.Each of our web pages have a headline using one or more of the keywords we want to rank for.
19.Each of our web pages is easy to read with large sized fonts.
20.Each of our web pages has a call-to-action such as “contact us”, “view our products” or “make an appointment today”.
21.We are proud to show customers and prospects our website as it is professional and trustworthy, not ugly or messy.
22.Our website is easy to navigate, allowing visitors to easily find the information they want.
23.Our web pages are linked up with each other.
24.Our website has links to external websites.
25.Our website is found on the first page of Google whenever customers and prospects search for our products or services.