20 Important Questions for Sales Champions

If you want to be successful in this career of selling, here are some questions you must ask yourself and have answers to. These questions are meant to make you think and be clear about what you are offering your customers.

  1. Can you describe your product or service in just one sentence?
  2. What features does your product or service have?
  3. What will your customers gain by each of these features?
  4. In what main ways can the product be applied?
  5. Where, when and how can it be used?
  6. How is your product different from the others available in the market?
  7. Who can benefit from this product?
  8. What are their needs?
  9. What problems can it solve for these people?
  10. Once their problems are solved, how will they feel?
  11. Who is the typical decision-maker who will choose your product? Age, gender, level of education etc.
  12. How technically savvy are they?
  13. What job title do they hold?
  14. What kind of companies or organization are they working for?
  15. How much do they know about your company and products?
  16. If you are able to talk to them now, can you think of three questions to ask them?
  17. What would be their concerns or objections?
  18. What might prevent them from buying now?
  19. What three effective but different ways in which can you identify your target customers and reach out to them?
  20. What are your action steps after answering these questions?

It would be good to not only answer these questions yourself but also with your team or manager. Write up and discuss the answers.

Have an open mind as you answer these questions. Some previous assumption may not be correct and might have to be re-considered. This process might take some time and bring shed new light on old problems. However, if you invest the time, it can give you some really good ideas to market and sell your product or service. You’ll be on your way to become a sales champion!

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