3 Keys to Make Your Message Memorable

Have you ever wondered how to make your message stick in the minds of your audiences and more importantly, act on it? Based on my observation of hundreds of presentations, I have noticed most of the content not to be memorable. This was true despite some of these presenters having well-designed slides to go with their presentations. As a memory trainer and public speaking coach, I have found that in order to influence audience recall, a deeper understanding of how memories are formed is required.

You can improve the odds of your audience remembering and also acting on your key message by keeping the following tactics in mind the next time you present on stage.


Your listeners will become disengaged from your presentation when your messages or slides become overly predictable. Our brains remember anything that is unusual and surprising easier than the mundane. You could use this to your advantage by breaking the pattern and putting in some unexpected elements in your slides or presentation. Using humor and interesting, engaging stories can help in breaking the monotony of a technical presentation. You may also alternate slides that are too serious with something funny too.


What makes some stories more memorable than others? The ones that makes the greatest impact on people are those that ‘tug at their heartstrings.’ You must have heard the statement – people may forget what they hear, but remember what they feel. When facts are mixed with emotions, different parts of the brain is activated and has a greater impact on memory. Most speakers struggle in this area arguing their content is too technical or dry to engage audiences on an emotional level. However, your content need not be emotional in nature. You, as the speaker can be the source of emotion by simply letting your excitement and passion about your topic to show through.


Many speakers miss the opportunity to boost audience memory by not repeating the content enough. You may remember how your school teacher would have repeated a point to drive it into your long-term memory. The most popular songs repeat the same phrase over and over. The trouble is speakers feel they have to present novel ideas all the time and restating a point may bore the audience. Repetition is crucial in making something stick so do not be afraid to do it.

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