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7 Speed Reading Tips

If you were like me you would not have enjoyed reading during college… you might blame our education system. Just like me, you would have found it hard to all the books your teacher forced you to read. You must have hated it and found it hard work and not fun at all.

Now that you are out of college, you are bound to discover that reading is an essential part of your life, especially if you wanted to stand out from the crowd. The world today is seeking and willing to pay top dollars to experts and the surest way to becoming one is to read extensively and deeply on a chosen subject area. Besides, many of the super-successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs have attributed their outstanding achievements to reading!

Just like them, if you uncover your niche, you will be surprised to find numerous relevant books that are truly interesting. There would be so many of them that you wouldn’t have the time to enjoy them all.

That’s where speed reading come in. Based on my research and the subject, I have put together these 7 Speed Reading Tips which can help you to read more is much less time. Try them out and see y our confidence and market value soar.

1. Don’t regress

Regression is the re-reading that you do when your eyes make a mistake in following lines or words in a line. In some cases your eyes may skip back to the same line and in other cases you may find that you have missed a few lines because your eyes moved down too far.
This habit is usually caused by distractions. As a speed reader you will virtually eliminate this problem. By calming your mind and using pointing devices such as a ruler or your fingers, this problem is very easy to eliminate.

2. Read with your finger

The idea is simple. Just use your finger to trace under each line as you read along. The finger will determine your speed making it easy to speed up or slow down when necessary. Just remember, the finger determines the speed of your reading, not the other way around. Once you set specific speed, stick to it.

3. Focus

This may sound obvious but it’s worth mentioning here. When you are reading something, even if it was interesting, you might find yourself wandering off and thinking about other things, so you have to re-read the same sentence a couple of times. Just like when you drive faster than usual your mind tends to automatically focus better, the same is true when you speed up your reading.

4. The third word method

Here’s what you do: start reading each line on the third word, and end each line on the third word from the end. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any information. Your eyes will catch those first and last words too, by using something called the peripheral vision.

As an example consider such a line of text:

“Marry had a little lamb but she ate it for supper.”

The words in bold indicate the focus points.

5. Don’t read word-by-word.

The easiest way of doing this is to read from a bigger distance (like 2ft). The goal here is to not focus on single words individually, but to read two or three of them in just one snapshot. So the idea is, you look at a fragment of text and read a couple of words all at once, then you take another snapshot of the words next to them, and so on.

6. Don’t read with your lips

This is a very common problem. It happens without us even knowing it (at first). When you read with your lips, you will be reading at your speaking rate of 100-120 words per minute while your brain can process 600 words a minute. By reading with your lips, you are forcing your brain to slow down.

7. Start too fast

Start reading too faster than your comfortable rate, even though you do not understand well. Then after a page or two slow down to the speed that’s comfortable for you. Your speed of reading will have improved with good comprehension.

That’s it for this list. I hope it helps. Tell me, what is the number one tip in your own arsenal of speed reading techniques?

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