How much is it worth to you to be able to read at “genius level”?

“Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labelled: This Could Change Your Life” – Helen Exley


Speed Reading

Becoming more knowledgeable in your area of expertise will make you more valuable in the market place.

Learning to read faster is one of the most important investments you can ever make in your own self.

Our Speed Reading course has been tested and proven in our seminars by thousands of participants ranging from students to top executives in large corporations.

This course will provide you the essential techniques which will help you read faster and absorb information more efficiently and effectively. It is suitable for anybody who has enormous amount of reading but can hardly find time.

Our systematic, hands-on experiential approach have ensured all our past participants have improved their reading speeds by 50% to 500% within 2 days.

Save Time

Save precious time to do things you love by speeding through all your reading.

Be Effective

Learning quickly puts you ahead of your competition and succeed better.

Be Knowledgeable

Gain respect and confidence as a result of your wider, up-to-date knowledge.


Date : TBC

Venue: Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Walter Granier, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: +60 3 7972 4837

Course Fees: RM 1800

All workshops are from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Make Payment to Success Edge at May bank a/c no. 514440110078

This program may also be conducted as an in-house program. Success Edge works with corporation, colleges and government department to equip their staff and students with speed reading skills.

Contact us for more details at: 03-79814837 / 019-6693497

Read Anything Faster

We have spent hundreds of hours refining our Speed Reading course so you can easily read 3 or more times faster.

You will be able to speed read anything and save massive time. You can use it for every book, web page, and document.

Guided Training to Eliminate Bad Habits

Apart from reading any book faster, our course also guides you to get rid of bad reading habits like single word fixation, sub-vocalization, and unnecessary regression or re-reading the same sentence. Within a week or two after the course, you’ll notice yourself progressing to read even faster with greater comprehension and retention.

Key learning outcomes

  • Improve their current reading speed by 2-4 times
  • Learn five proven speed reading techniques
  • Remember and easily recall everything you read
  • Improve your reading speed, enhance your effectiveness
  • Save up to 2 hours per day while becoming more informed
  • Push your brain to pick up information faster and thus work more effectively
  • Reading becomes a joy rather than a chore
  • Make more money as a result of greater knowledge
  • Get on top of projects by accumulating information faster
  • Improve concentration when reading work related material
  • Increase comprehension levels so that the information is retained

What our past participants have done and so can you

Save a lot of Time

Have time for your family, hobbies, and friends rather than reading slowly. You can easily save one to two hours a day.

Boost your profession and make more money

Be ahead of your colleagues by gaining valuable knowledge quickly and efficiently. Your value in the market place will improve and career growth becomes inevitable.

Become indispensable in the information economy

By reading faster, you’ll quickly gather valuable knowledge and skills sought after by big businesses. Earning more and getting promotions will be easy.

No more “information overload”

Don’t have to feel overwhelmed with the amount of reading that is on your table. Easily absorb all the relevant information and boost your confidence.

Excel in any exams easily

Learn more in less time. Most students struggle to finish reading assignments and preparing for tests and exams. Speed reading will be a true blessing for you.

Help your child excel at school

You can impart the skills to your children to help them become effective learners and score top marks in their studies.

What is Covered

Improving the mechanics of reading

Current reading problems and how to overcome them:

  • Current reading habits; how and why they cause problems
  • Controlling regressions (re-reading words, sentences and paragraphs)
  • "Chunking" - reading in groups of words
  • Controlling sub-vocalisation - the internal voice

Improving concentration, comprehension and retention

How to improve concentration:

  • Causes of poor concentration - "just what was all that about?"
  • Practical ways to concentrate better for longer
  • Reading on-screen/off-screen - how concentration can be affected

How to improve comprehension:

  • Effective previewing and skimming techniques
  • Peripheral reading
  • Key purposes for reading, and how they affect the pace of reading
  • Varying the pace to get the comprehension you require

How to improve retention:

  • Memory improvement exercises; using ‘IDAM’ formula to remember more

Mind Mapping – for note taking what you read

Current reading problems and how to overcome them:

  • Refresh your thinking- the single page format allows you to revisit a subject, refresh it and where required review that subject quickly and easily.
  • Enhance creativity - promote free thinking and become more creative.
  • Improves memory - the structure of a Mind Map makes it easier for you to remember more.
  • Save time - Mind Maps can be adapted to almost any task and will improve efficiency and help you to become more effective.

Final assessments

  • Practice required for long-term reinforcement
  • Follow-up exercises

Reading performance is measured throughout so as to ensure maximum comprehension at most efficient reading speeds.

Ter Chi Chin

Executive, Debt Capital Market, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad

"I've enjoyed myself and gained tremendously from this course. I'm impressed that now, I can read faster at 500 words per minute and remember better."

Nor Khaireen Khairudin

Asst. Director, HR Dept, SKMM, Cyberjaya

“Should be attended by all SKMM staff. Good session.”

Michael Warren

Director, InvestKL

“‘I did not expect learn so much in this workshop. The trainer was captivating and fantastic. I’ve doubled my speed and comprehension. If you get a chance to work with Jeyaraman, I would highly recommend him.”
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Think Buzan Licensed Instructor, PSMB Certified Trainer & Certified NLP Practitioner

Jeyaraman has been a professional trainer for the last 20 years and his area of expertise is in Creative Thinking, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Presentation & Communication skills, Memory and Train the Trainer. He has a versatile background having served in insurance, sales & marketing, teaching, and training and development over 17 years with both local and multinational organisations. He has trained and spoken to more than 68,500 people in 8 countries, namely, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Brunei, Cambodia and Maldives.

He is highly passionate about human potential and believes that anyone can achieve ‘Peak Performance’ with the right attitude, guidance and knowledge. He is convinced that every individual is capable of maximizing his or her own potential and talent to achieve excellence and they should continuously pursue the creative discovery of their abilities.

He is passionate in the area of mental skills and would like to see more people exposed to such skills that can help them bring out their best.

Some of the organizations that have benefitted from Jeya’s expertise are Petronas, Bank Negara Malaysia, Shell Sarawak, Sarawak Energy, Sapura Kencana, Universiti Malaya, United Overseas Bank, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Accountatnts, Institute of Engingeers Malaylsia, Phillips, Siemens, La Farge, International Construction Consortium (Sri Lanka), Aptech Computers (India), Speakout International (Singapore), Mitsui Sumitomo, Askap Gold (Cambodia), Male Airport Authority (Maldives), Overseas Assurance Corporation, Great Eastern Life, Honda Malaysia, Multimedia University (Malacca), National Science Centre, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, Malaysian Employers’ Federation and Malaysian Airlines.

Jeyaraman utilizes hands-on exercises, role plays and humour to enhance learning that actually stick. He uses a hands-on approach in his presentation with lots of examples, anecdotes and real life applications. This enables participants to immediately apply the techniques to improve their efficiency in their work and personal lives.

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