Face Book VIEWS, Can we View who Viewed our Business Page?

A campaign success is measured with the number of leads converted and closed not with the number of reach, views and likes.

For creating a brand awareness the number of views are good to see but the question is does it really created the awareness? How to justify it? Does the views are real, do FB itself knows who viewed your page?

It’s bit wired to spend money on the boost and just see the number of views and get happy about it.

We do have the options to target the Audience, Age group, set Budget and duration, Estimated people reach and Payment. By providing all these details and spending money on FB campaigns, we just get the number of views and not who viewed.

If you own a business and have some agents to help you in getting sales, do you pay them just for bringing the customer to show your shop or after making a sale through the customer brought by him?

That right! you pay the agent if you make some business not for just bringing in the customer and showing you business.

Then why to pay for just the number of views and reach for facebook campaigns?

Which details will help us to followup and bring us more business?

How many peoples viewed, reached and liked our business page post?


Who viewed our business page post?

You can save your marketing budget and invest on something that really works if you ask the question to yourself.

Source from Dr. Vijay Rajan, Digtal Marketing Coach

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