Challenges & Opportunities for the Training Industry in Malaysia 2017

Challenges & Opportunities for the Training Industry in Malaysia 2017

Here are some key takeaways from Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers Forum on 24th February, 2017. The panelist wereDato’ CM Vignaesvaran – Chief Executive, HRDF, RoshanThiran – Chief Executive Officer, Leaderonomics and Debbie Wang – General Manager, Organization Development, Sunway Group.

As a trainer, can you keep doing in the next five years what we have been doing for the last ten and still be relevant? Do we have to change to meet the constantly evolving needs and expectations of clients? These questions were the focus of the discussion and some valuable insights about how to survive in these challenging times and beyond. I managed to jot down the following from the panelists:

  1. Think Like a Problem Solver

    Just like the best salespeople see themselves not as someone out there to close a sale but to solve their clients’ problems, trainers and training providers could excel by seeing themselves as problem solvers. According to RoshanThiran of Leaderonomics, only by clearly defining and understanding challenges faced by clients we can figure out if our training programs are the right fit to overcome them. This will lead us to ask the question whether you can solve the problems yourself or find a partner to do so. Therefore, stop thinking of yourself as a trainer so that you are not biased and quick to only push your expertise as the Holy Grail to all their issues. Talking about finding gaps and fulfilling them, training needs analysis can do the job. However the question arises should it be done internally by the organization or can trainers also do it? HRDF has grants to be claimed for conducting TNA which trainers can take advantage of.

  2. Ensuring ROI

    Every company wants real improvements in performance for the dollars spent on training. Only by proper measurement of training effectiveness, management will determine if the session been worth the time and money invested. Debbie of Sunway Group feels this can only be achieved if evaluation is built into the whole training process and KPI’s put in place using tools like the Kirkpatrick Model which focuses on reaction, learning, behavior, and results.Dato Vicks even suggested that the training provider collects 30% of the fee before training and the balance 70% only after the client feels satisfied. I wonder how many trainers and training providers would be keen to do that.

  3. Improve Content and Delivery Methods

    Dato Vicks pointed out how trainers in Europe and the US are continuously researching and improving their content. We could also offer our content in non-traditional methods. Apart from leveraging on technology, he suggested we could even break our 9 to 5 sessions into 2 hour slots after work. The advantage of this is obvious – key employees are usually hard pressed to take 2 or 3 days off to attend training. Explore blended learning approaches like training followed by coaching and e-learning.

  4. Learn from the Top Earners

    Although there are more than 3,850 registered training providers, the top 20 of these consistently claim about 40% of the payout every year. Check out the list here https://goo.gl/S1ulbj. This obviously would remind you of the Pareto Principle (80-20 rule). By studying them and modelling what they do, we might be able to ensure a bigger slice of the pie. One common feature of all these big players is that they have at least 40 full-time marketing staff. Interestingly, most of these companies are run by people who themselves are not trainers. They employ marketers and full time and part time trainers. Perhaps, that helps them see things from a more holistic and entrepreneurial perspective.

  5. Certification

    HRDF has been making it known that it favors training courses with certification over those without. This has been leading to many providers being in the dark and some desperately seeking any certifying bodies that could provide certification for their courses. Dato Vicks made it clear that HRDF is willing the certification as long as the organization is recognized as a market leader or authority in the particular field. He mentioned that the company providing the training could even certify participants if this criteria is fulfilled.

The panelists at this Forum were :

Dato’ CM Vignaesvaran – Chief Executive, HRDF

Roshan Thiran – Chief Executive Officer, Leaderonomics

Debbie Wang – General Manager, Organization Development, Sunway Group.

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