The Law of 250

Every time you turn off one prospect, you turn off 250 more.
Do you ever get upset with your present or potential customers because they are so unreasonable, ask silly questions or give what you think are crazy objections?
We all wish every person we meet for business is an ideal prospect. What if he is friendly, nice and buys from us without too much trouble from us trying to convince him? So why be nice to everyone, even those you ask you silly questions and disagrees with you on almost everything you say?
In this profession of selling, you have to always keep in mind that customers are the most important thing in the world. They are what you live on. It’s not only the nice ones but ALL of them.
What is the law of 250 then? If you go to any wedding, you will notice that there will be at least 250 people attending it. This means most people know at least 250 people they can influence. So if you see 20 people a week and just 2 of them are unhappy with the way you treated them, that means 500 of in their circle may get to know about you someone not to do business with.
Just imagine that you are feeling lousy and you treat person you are talking to badly. She goes back to her office and someone asks, “What’s the matter?” And she answers, “I just got a bad treatment from Sam. If you are planning to invest in unit trust, don’t go to him.”
If the average person sees 250 people in his life regularly, what about the other people who see a lot more than that in a week in the course of their business? Think of the person who is sore and dissatisfied with you is a barber or a dentist who talk to a lot of people in their business.
In this age of social media, people’s influence and reach is even multiplied so much more. You would agree that gossip and bad news spread fast. Can you afford to jeopardize just one of those people? I surely can’t. I know how much of my business and income comes from people telling other people about me. I definitely want them to say only good things about me and you also would want that.
Keep in mind, when you turn away one, just one, with anger or a sarcastic remark, you run the risk of getting a bad name with at least 250 other people with money in their pockets who might want to give some of it to you.

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