Learn to capture information and ideas with the technique that is helping over 250 million people worldwide to be more organized, productive and creative.

Mind Mapping is a method of capturing information invented by Tony Buzan. It is proven to boost your productivity, creativity and memory.

This versatile technique is already used by over 250 million people worldwide for a variety of tasks including brainstorming, identifying new opportunities, organising, managing projects, teaching, studying, communicating information and much more…

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals who would like to learn a practical tool to help them to be more effective and efficient at work
  • Specifically beneficial if you want to be more creative, manage large amounts of information and/or know how to take fast, effective notes

Key Outcomes:

  • Be able to read and produce mind maps both manually and with the iMindMap software
  • Use mind maps to solve problems, plan and, take and make notes, write reports and other documents and present information

What you will learn?

How to produce your own mind maps

Duration: 2 days (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


Brainstorm new ideas using mind maps

Use mind maps to brainstorm new ideas, make decisions, plan and prioritise, solve problems, take notes in meetings, make notes from printed materials, prepare and present information.

Learn Mind Mapping from a trainer licenced by Think Buzan, the company which invented Mind Mapping. You will learn the basics as well as the practical uses to get your creativity to flow naturally.



  • Practical demonstrations
  • Individual mind mapping tasks
  • Group mind mapping exercises
  • Presentations and discussions

You will create your own mind maps from materials you personally bring to the workshop e.g., reports to summarize, documents to plan, produce and present, ideas to brainstorm, plans to create, decisions to make, study books to revise etc.


What others are saying?

Mind mapping is a creativity and productivity enhancing technique that can improve the learning and efficiency of individuals and organizations. It is a revolutionary system for capturing ideas and insights on paper. – Patrick Matinelli, Johns Hopkins University on his executive MBA program.

‘Mind mapping’ software can also be used as a digital ‘blank slate’ to help connect and synthesize ideas and data – and ultimately create new knowledge… and mental models to help people mine and assess the value of all that information. – Bill Gates, ‘The Road Ahead: How “intelligent agents” and Mind Mappers are taking our information democracy to the next stage’, Newsweek, 25 Jan 2006

Your Trainer - S. Jeyaraman - Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor

A true enthusiast of memory systems and thinking, Jeya has spent the last fourteen years travelling around 8 countries entertaining and training to help individuals, teams and organisations learn how to think better, smarter and more creatively in order that can achieve their full potential.

He has trained more than 68, 000 people ranging from students to top management on memory skills, mind mapping, creative thinking, speed reading, communication skills and sales. He is known for his easy-going and humorous presentations which will not be educational but also refreshingly entertaining.

Jeya has earned the coveted title of Malaysian Speaking Professional from the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers and Masters in Education from the University of Rockhampton (US) specializing in Training and Development.