Information doubles in less than 18 months. This data overload is accompanied by ever shortening attention spans, fierce competition, significant changes in the global economy and shifts in workplace requirements. As always, opportunities are abundant for those who are prepared to update their own personal software. Learning to speed read and enhancing your memory is a fundamental first step to ensuring you are moving forward fast & lean every day.

At this workshop you’ll learn speed reading and memory techniques that we have refined and enhanced over years. You can expect significant improvements quickly. You’ll double or better your reading speed and experience memory improvements of up to 200%, in as little as a day. Success Edge’s custom built systems will show you how your reading speed, comprehension and memory improve steadily as the workshop progresses.

Course Outline

  • Effective Reading vs Speed Reading.
  • The 4 Common Reading Mistakes.
  • Reading and the Brain.
  • Speed and Comprehension Tests.
  • Get Your Reading Speed Profile.
  • Tools to Help You Read Faster.
  • Pre-Reading, Skimming & Scanning Techniques.
  • Exercises to Relax and Rejuvenate Your Eyes.


Success Edge’s workshops are renowned for their expert blend of fun & learning. This is a highly effective, advanced Active Learning system. Success Edge’s speed reading workshops are science based, research backed and market tested. These programs are designed to deliver remarkable, quantifiable results.

From the very start of the workshop, participants are engaged usingp:

  • Expert Facilitation.
  • Exciting & Stimulating Games & Challenges.
  • Group Activities & Exercises.


Having been a CEO of many companies in Asia Pacific region for 30 years, I did not expect to learn much but I not only doubled my reading speed but also my comprehension went up by nearly 100%. The trainer is amazing!

– Michael Warren, Director, InvestKL

Date, Venue & Fees

Date : 11 Aug 2019
Time:3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Fees: RM50
Venue: Successedge, 27-2, Jalan Desa, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +60 3-7981 4837 / +60 19-669 3497
Make Payment to Success Edge at May bank a/c no. 514440110078

Your Trainer

S. JeyaramanTony Buzan Licensed Instructor, PSMB Certified Trainer

A true enthusiast of memory systems and thinking, Jeya has spent the last twenty-two years travelling around 8 countries entertaining and training to help individuals, teams and organisations learn how to read faster, think better, smarter and more creatively in order that can achieve their full potential.

He has trained more than 68, 000 people ranging from students to top management on memory skills, mind mapping, creative thinking, speed reading, communication skills and sales.

He is known for his easy-going and humorous presentations which will not be educational but also refreshingly entertaining.

Jeya is a licensed instructor from Tony Buzan (UK), the originator of Mind Mapping.