Although it may appear to be simple, conducting a training session requires specific skills and knowledge of how people learn. Trainers who have taken the time to consider their own approaches, understandings, and skills will be better equipped to provide comprehensive, active and effective training courses.

Training is a skill that is acquired and dynamic in nature. It can be nurtured, sharpened and consistently polished to ensure positive results are achieved with each training workshop.  Developing and conducting training can be mastered by efficient use of the skills learnt in this workshop.


This Training of Trainer Course is designed to help trainers effectively deliver courses. Effective delivery of training courses ensures that the courses are worth the time of the trainer and participants.

The following should be considered for effective training delivery:

♦ Learning styles.

♦ Adult learning principles.

♦ Presentation and facilitation skills.

♦ Effective group interaction and communication skills.

♦ Meeting the needs of a specific audience.

♦ Course evaluation.


At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Describe and recognize three learning styles.
  • Incorporate knowledge of learning styles into training delivery.
  • Understand the principles of adult learning.
  • Incorporate knowledge of adult learning principles to maximize training delivery effectiveness.
  • Design training programmes using appropriate learning methods.
  • Create materials, and visual aids with creativity.
  • Prepare to interact and engage the participants
  • Make effective training presentations.
  • Improve their presentation style with better knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of training
  • Use various training methods to deliver the course contents
  • Creating and using active learning strategies
  • Craft and deliver compelling stories
  • Using humor effectively in training
  • Facilitate group interactions and communications in training classes.
  • Adapt training to the needs of the audience.
  • Evaluate training effectiveness.
  • Trainers• Training Managers
  • Aspiring Trainers• Human Resource Managers

What is done in Day 1, 2 & 3

Day 1

Adult Learning & Learning Styles

Training Needs Analysis

Presentation Skills 

Day 2

Presentation Skills (Cont’d)

Developing and Designing Content 

Day 3

Facilitation Skills

Evaluating Training

Facilitation Practice

Delivery and Evaluation of Trainees 


Adult Learning & Learning Styles 

  • Assessing learning styles
  • Visual learners
  • Auditory learners
  • Kinaesthetic learners
  • Training strategies for learning styles
  • Adult learning research
  • Determining adult training approaches to enhance retention
  • Applying adult learning principles to training

Presentation skills  

  • Making a favorable impression on participants
  • Trainer credibility
  • Preparation
  • Using PowerPoint slides to present
  • Do’s and don’t of PPT
  • Presentation tips
  • Characteristics of an effective public speaker.
  • Using voice and gestures to enhance delivery
  • Making a presentation
  • Gaining your audience’s interest
  • Connecting with the audience
  • Maximizing understanding and retention


Date :  14-18 Sept 2020,21-25 Sept 2020 & 28,29 30 Sept & 1,2 Oct 2020,12-16 Oct 2020 19-23 Oct 2020,9-13 Nov 2020,16-20 Nov 2020 & 23-27 Nov 2020,30 Nov & 1 – 4 Dec,14-18 Dec 2020 & 21-23 Dec & 28 & 29 Dec 2020

Duration : 5 Days

Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Fees: RM2788

Venue: Successedge, 27-2, Jalan Desa, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +60 3-7981 4837 / +60 19-669 3497

Make Payment to Success Edge at May bank a/c no. 514440110078


  • Involving participants during a presentation
  • Effective use of stories and humor to engage
  • Example of a well-designed presentation

Developing and Designing Content

  • Writing learning objective
  • Determining learning outcomes
  • Deciding on training content
  • Mind mapping as a research tool             

Facilitation skills

  • Importance of facilitation skills to the learning process
  • Effective communication skills
  • Remembering and using trainees’ names
  • Using memory skills to remember your content
  • Questioning skills
  • Listening skills
  • Summarizing
  • Giving feedback
  • Handling difficult audience members
  • Training activities and games
  • Crafting and delivering compelling stories
  • The proper use of humor to captivate audience
  • Facilitating a lively discussion 

Evaluating training

  • Why evaluate training?
  • How to evaluate training?
  • Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model 

Planning and Delivering Your Training Session

  • This session will see participants present their short training programme to be evaluated by the Master Trainer. 

Learning Methods used in this course

This program will be conducted using lectures, case studies, demonstrations, group discussions and hands-on activities and Q&A sessions.  There will also be pre-course assignments for participants to be better prepared when they attend the course.


Think Buzan Licensed Instructor, PSMB Certified Trainer, Certified NLP Practitioner

Jeyaraman Seenivasagam has been a professional trainer for the last 23 years and his area of expertise is in Creative Thinking, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Presentation Skills, Memory and Train the Trainer. Jeyaraman has a versatile background having served in insurance, sales & marketing, teaching, and training and development over the last 17 years with both local and multinational organisations. He has trained in 8 countries, namely, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia and Maldives. He is highly passionate about human potential and believes that anyone can achieve ‘Peak Performance’ with the right attitude, guidance and knowledge. He strongly believes that every individual is capable of maximizing his or her own potentials and talent to achieve excellence and they should continuously pursue the creative discovery of their abilities.

He is passionate in the area of mental skills and would like to see more people exposed to such skills that can help them bring out their hidden potential. He has had experiences in the teaching and marketing area from the time he started his career in many different facets from insurance to food manufacturing. He has taught more than 52,500 participants skills like low profile selling, mind mapping, creative thinking and problem solving, memory and also speed reading. Jeyaraman utilizes hands-on exercises, role plays and humour to enhance learning that actually stick.

Some of the organizations that have benefitted from Jeya’s expertise are Petronas, United Overseas Bank, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Institute of Engineers Malaysia, Phillips, Siemens, La Farge, International Construction Consortium (Sri Lanka), Aptech Computers (India), Speakout International (Singapore), Mitsui Sumitomo, Askap Gold (Cambodia), Male Airport Authority (Maldives), Overseas Assurance Corporation, Great Eastern Life, Honda Malaysia, Multimedia University (Malacca), National Science Centre, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, Malaysian Employers’ Federation and Malaysian Airlines.

As a speaker he has won several speech and humor competitions including the first South East Asian “Articulate Speech contest”. He uses a hands-on approach in his presentation with lots of examples, anecdotes and real life applications. This enables participants to immediately apply the techniques to improve their efficiency in their work and personal lives.

What others are saying about our TTT

The TTT by Mr. Jeya is amazing! – Terence Chee, CEO, Almacrest College, Kota Kinabalu

I attended this program just to get the cert, but after going through it, I actually want to become a trainer. – Jodie, Psychologist, Kota Kinabalu

You are a life-changer and have taught me what exactly a trainer is all about. – Pramila, Trainer, Top Glove

This is the best 5-days of training in my life! Thank you. – Mohd Saufi Sofyan B Mohklas, Training Manager.

This is the best and most engaging and unique training I have experienced. Thank you. – Michael Ong, Chartered Accountant, Crowe Horwath, Kuala Lumpur

I am inspired beyond words! – Shima, Accounting Lecturer, Kolej Tafe, Seremban