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Study Smart Formula

Does your child:

Forget what they learn quickly?

Struggle hard to get good grades?

Lack concentration?

Do last minute studying?

What Students Will Gain from the Study Smart Formula:   

  •  Save up to 80% of revision time
  •  Enhance concentration and reduce distraction
  •  Be self-motivated to learn and finish assignments
  •  Remember and recall anything you learn easily
  •  Use Mind Maps to take notes and revise
  •  Read faster and more effectively with Power Reading

Course Outline: Study Smart Formula

  1. The Brain & How it Lear
  • Understanding how the brain works
  • Your logical left and creative right
  • Multi-sensory learning
  • How your brain learn new information
  • Learning to Count from 1 – 100 in Japanese in less than 10 minutes
  • Increasing your concentration
  1. How Your Memory Works
  • Short term memory and long term memory
  • Using the “IDAM” formula for remembering
  • The Linking System
  • Using the linking system to remember key points
  • Transferring information to the long term memory
  • Exercises in the Linking System
  1. Homophones
  • Homophones – similar sounding words
  • Using the homophones to remember technical words
  • Exercises in Homophones
  • Combining the linking system & homophones
  • Timing your revision for maximum effectiveness
  • Memory pegs – Number rhyme and number shapes

4.Mind Mapping & Power Reading”

  • Introduction to mind mapping
  • How to mind map
  • Exercise 1 – Mind map on myself
  • Exercise 2 – Mind map of a lesson
  • Mind mapping  assignments
  • Power Reading with SQ3R
  • Absorb more information with greater comprehension
  • Changing from being passive to active learners
Date, Venue and Fees

Online Coaching – For the first time

Date : 27t to 31st May, 2020

Time: 8.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Venue :Online

Location :

Fees: RM60      RM1,200 (normal for offline class)

Suitable for childred 7 years old and above.  For younger children, it’s best to be accompanied by a parent.

Phone : 03-79814837 / 019-6693497

Account details: 514440110078 (Maybank)

Facilitator: Jeyaraman Seenivasagam, Think Buzan Licensed Instructor

– Involved in the field of education and training for 33 years.

– Trained more than 70,500 students and adults in 9 countries

–  Featured on TV2, Star, Bernama TV and various international media

– Past Vice President of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

and Immediate Past President of USJ Toastmasters Club.

After attending Mr. Jeya’s study skills course, I taught my students the skills and their results improved tremendously.  Thank you

Mr. Keong, Lecturer, Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman, Setapak

By applying what I have learnt, I’ve cut my revision time from 3 hours to 20 minutes and become the top student in my engineering course.  I also got a scholarship to study in Australia.

Joel Lee, Engineering Student, INTI College, Subang

Program Mind Mapping & Memory Skills ini adalah program dan penceramah yang paling bagus kami pernah adakan di sekolah kami untuk pelajar-pelajar Tingkatan 3 & 5. Terima kasih Mr. Jeya

En. Mohd Latiff, Student Counsellor, SMK Ketari, Bentong