Public Speaking for Teenagers and Young Adults

2 days workshop

If you are aged 15 and above, please allow us to help you learn to speak confidently

This is a MUST-ATTEND seminar / workshop led by 2 very experienced trainers.  After this intensive two days of expert presentations sharing techniques and tips + up to four opportunities for you to deliver short speeches + skilled evaluations of your speeches + discussions and coaching, YOU will be a much better and more confident public speaker and presenter and get exactly what you need to become a great speaker.

KEY BENEFITS – You will:

  • Learn about key speaking techniques from very experienced speakers and trainers
  • Gain hands-on experience + practise these techniques in four separate presentations – groups will be limited to 20 people
  • Receive friendly, helpful and constructive feedback on your presentations
  • Receive a special Certificate of Participation


  • Impromptu Speaking – how to handle situations when you are asked to give an unexpected brief speech
  • How to prepare a speech and organise the content
  • Special tips to plan a speech on a subject that you feel passionate about
  • Delivering a speech and how to use your voice, gestures and body language to add impact
  • Using words and vocabulary to enhance your speech
  • How to exploit visual aids in making a presentation



Think Buzan Licensed Instructor, PSMB Certified Trainer & Certified NLP Practitioner

Jeyaraman Seenivasagam is an entrepreneur, speaker, and master trainer. He has created 5 training courses around the area mind skills, teaching students, educators, speakers, and CEOs how to tap into the unlimited potential of their brain that impacts lives and achieve excellence.

Jeya brings a unique approach to learning, thinking, training and speaking, by combining his 22 years of teaching and coaching experience with his talent as a performer.

Jeya is a gifted seminar leader and a master at influencing people from the stage. His seminars are Study Smart, Speed Reading and Mind Power, Mind Map Your Way to Success, Creative Teaching and Super Memory for Professionals where people travel from 12 countries around the world to come experience the transformation in their lives.

Oddly enough, it’s rare that one has a talent in speaking, performing, and mind power; however, Jeya does. He understands the importance of the power of the mind to achieve phenomenal results.

Having trained more than 68,500 people in 8 countries, he is highly passionate about human potential and believes that anyone can achieve ‘Peak Performance’ with the right attitude, guidance and knowledge. He is convinced that every individual is capable of maximizing his or her own potential and talent to achieve excellence and they should continuously pursue the creative discovery of their abilities.

He has devoted his life to transformation, storytelling, and helping others bring out their best.

Some of the organizations that have benefitted from Jeya’s expertise are Universiti Malaya, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sunway University, Phillips, Siemens, La Farge, International Construction Consortium (Sri Lanka), Aptech Computers (India), Speakout International (Singapore), Mitsui Sumitomo, Askap Gold (Cambodia), Male Airport Authority (Maldives), Overseas Assurance Corporation, Great Eastern Life, Honda Malaysia, Multimedia University (Malacca), National Science Centre, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, Malaysian Employers’ Federation and Malaysian Airlines, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Petronas, Bank Negara Malaysia, Shell Oil, Sarawak Energy, Sapura Kencana, United Overseas Bank, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Accountants and Institute of Engineers Malaysia.

Jeyaraman utilizes hands-on exercises, role plays and humour to enhance learning that actually stick. He uses a hands-on approach in his presentation with lots of examples, anecdotes and real life applications. This enables participants to immediately apply the techniques to improve their efficiency in their work and personal lives.